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Yesterday, we finalized much of our Easter service plan. And I was struck again by the shockingly selfless generosity of God the Father and Jesus at the cross. We'll walk thru Psalm 22 this weekend & "listen in" on Jesus thoughts on the cross. It will be compelling.

On a completely different note, my wife's cat set a new "record" for our home, giving us our morning wake-up at 2am(!) to play. I'll say it again. My wife's cat is a bad kitty.

On to the chapters for the day. Here's what I got:

  • it's good to remember that everyone's history – like Israel's – began with them worshiping something besides God (Josh 24:2)
  • I always wonder if this story is about wisdom (find the secret door), or foolishness (letting them go), or both (Judg 1:25-26)
  • Wise people don't even go near situations which might be tempting personally (Pro 5:8)