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My bracket is not looking good after day 2. Only got 20 of 32 games right. I'm thinking of ceremonially burning my bracket to free it from itself. My only hope is that I hit on my prediction of one #1 seed with three #2's in the Final Four.

  • Not a good decision to live by what they could SEE rather than God's PROMISES. Didn't they sound like Gen 13:10? (Num 32:1,5)
  • Incomplete victories become irritants in your life. (Num 33:55)
  • I wonder how often God allows us to get into hard situations just to get people to call on Him & know He's there? (Psa 91:15)
  • God is a God of great works & deep thoughts. Why don't you stop right now & tell Him so? God loves praise. (Psa 92:5)
  • God, in the mind-shattering, never-ending period of time called eternity-past, before the Beginning, You were God. (Psa 93:2)