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Today I sat down and wrote a brand new 40-day Prayer List for myself in my spiral notebook. (I'm old school.)

It was definitely time for a new list for me. My old list was way overdue for an overhaul. It needed to be track the latest issues God wants me to be taking to Him on a daily basis.

One of the things I have noticed recently is, in all my attention to read my readings and post my journal online for others to benefit from, I had kept up with the spontaneous prayers daily (which are good) but lost touch with the more intentional prayers where we cling to God daily, sometimes for weeks about them.

It was nice to restart the short list & take it to God.  I can sense the difference.

Anyway, here's what I took away from today's chapters.

  • Church bodies need to love their people enough to reach out in humility if someone is in open sin. See 1Cor 5. (Num 25:5-9)
  • This sounds like Jesus in Luke 19:26. "If you end up with more, you'll inherit more. If less, you'll get less." (Num 26:54)
  • Awesome picture of the Lord recording whether your (2nd spiritual) birth was in the "right city" too! See Gal 4:26. (Psa 87:6)
  • How amazing is it that God answers both questions, "YES!!!" (Psa 88:10)

And here's a bonus one, since I started off in the wrong chapter in Psalms…  🙂

  • God wants us to be so fired up about Him & His promises that we go "socially inappropriate"…we SHOUT for JOY to Him! (Psa 81:1)