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I had a special time with God this morning, reading these chapters. Lots to think about in today's readings:

  • God loves. God's protects. We submit. We listen. (Deut 33:3)
  • The largest goals in life don't span years or decades, but generations (Deut 34:4)
  • God calls you to be strong enough to believe God is continually with you & courageous enough to ignore your fears (Josh 1:9)
  • First, WE need to have the scarlet ourselves (i.e. Christ's blood). Then, our FRIENDS & FAMILY need to get there too (Josh 2:18)
  • God springs His people from the traps of the wicked (Psa 129:4)
  • You cannot walk with God until you learn to wait for God (Psa 130:5)