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Don't miss services at Grace tomorrow. We're holding our 1st Quarter Celebration/Reboot for our journey through Food and prizes will be in all 3 services, with a special interview about someone's experience with — who will say the OPPOSITE of what you probably expect. Plus a healthy dose of setting people free.

Here's what I walked away with from

  • Even when you think no one sees what you're doing — remember — God sees — and cares (Deut 25:15-16)
  • A different approach to giving — before giving, remember all God has done to make it possible for you to give (Deut 26:9-10)
  • Following God means you wouldn't betray an innocent person for any amount of money (Deut 27:25)
  • When God is on your side, the only people who have to be afraid when you are surrounded…is them! (Psa 118:11)