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Something struck me over the last few days of readings. Jonathan was the MAN.

In spite of the fact that:

  • His dad (King Saul) was a power-hungry leader who took credit for things he didn't do
  • His dad (King Saul) didn't walk with God himself
  • His army was way outnumbered
  • His army was armed with gardening tools instead of weapons

Jonathan had an incredible faith in God which led him to attempt great things for God. Wow. That led to my first observation today in the chapters:

  • God loves to use people AUDACIOUS enough to believe the TRUTH about Him – that God can use a few to do great things (1Sam 14:6)

We also were in Proverbs today, such a great book for mastering a wealth of real-world wisdom from God:

  • Wise people are very hesitant to sing their own praises (Prov 27:2)
  • Success & affluence can be deceiving. It is so tempting to start assuming  this means you are wise (Prov 28:11)

Advice like this is gold.