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Here's my take on today's readings!

  • God often calls us to step out in faith before He begins working in extraordinary ways (Josh 3:15)
  • God designed the natural curiosity of children to create opportunities to disciple them (Josh 4:17)
  • Humility is not accidental. It requires intentionality. (Psa 131:1)
  • God "clothes" a person, spiritually & emotionally, based on their approach to Him (Psa 132:16,18)
  • Nothing is as good as time spent among the unified. Nothing is as painful as time spent among the divided. (Psa 133:1)
  • Considering all the blessings God continually heaps upon us, it's good to pause & bless God in return (Psa 134:1)
  • God doesn't ask for permission. He does as He pleases. And it's good. (Psa 135:6)