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I learned about a small group that started to use these blog posts called "Today's OWNit365 Takeaways" to take a different angle with their discussions. Awesome! Keeping things fresh is key.

Here's what I walked away with from today's readings:

  • Without a doubt, God's #1 desire/concern for us is our heart. EVERYTHING in life follows our heart. (Deut 5:29)
  • We should do whatever it takes, to find our own unique rhythm, to keep the Bible continually in front of us (Deut 6:8)
  • "How will I be able to do this?" is totally the wrong question. It's about whether GOD can do it or not…He can. (Deut 7:17-18)
  • God delivered you so you would follow Him. Not the reverse. (Psa 105:44-45)