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Cathy got home yesterday with her Mom. Great vacation for her. Well deserved. Some things change (Cathy comes home). Some things stay the same (Cathy's cat woke her up at an ungodly hour again).

Here is what I got out of today's readings…

  • The enemy is NOT excited when people make peace with Joshua/Jesus (same name). (Josh 10:4)
  • Jesus/Joshua (same name) won't be satisfied until we have total victory over all that opposes Him in our lives. (Josh 11:23)
  • Wise people enjoy feedback (however painful) in their desire to grow. They go out of their way to be approachable. (Psa 141:5)
  • We may have to lose what we have to realize God is all we need (Psa 142:4-5)
  • Here's a different approach to stress: think about all God has done in the distant & recent past (Psa 143:4-5)
  • The more you realize how quick life is, the more you can enjoy it & use it wisely. (Psa 144:4)