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One more day of "Mr. (Solo) Mom" for me. Cathy returns tomorrow from a vaca planned over a year ago. She's having a blast & well deserved break.

Here's what I walk away with in today's readings…

  • God doesn't take sides. He takes charge. (Josh 5:13-14)
  • God's battles go in REVERSE order. The results are decided FIRST. THEN the battle is fought. (Josh 6:2)
  • Everything God does for us are acts of mercy (Psa 136:23)
  • Its OK to get pumped about all kinds of things. Just make sure you clap/cheer/shout a little harder for God. (Psa 137:6)
  • When you walk with God, He has your back…and your front. (Psa 138:7)