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We've DONE it! Finished Psalms & launched into Proverbs. It's the perfect companion to this "below-freezing-wind-chill" Spring Day in the Midwest.

I shot 9(!) videos yesterday: that's 4 weeks worth videos (Old Testament & Wisdom/New Testament) as well as a ministry video. We are encouraging those who are not currently serving in a ministry/outreach to EXPLORE VOLUNTEERING:

On our "First Impressions Team":

  • Parking Lot Greeters
  • Front Door Greeters
  • Ambassadors (guides for visitors)
  • Cafe
  • Info Center
  • Ushers

On our "Weekend Service Team":

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Lighting
  • Video broadcasting
  • Stage management

We're trying to help our "Weekend Warriors" begin to live out the Great Commission themselves and see people's lives change! If you're not connected, try one of these out!

Here's what I got from today's readings:

  • It's good with God that you want more. It's also good with God that it challenges you. (Josh 17:17-18)
  • What has (a) God asked you to do but (b) you've put off long enough? It's time be the person God made you! (Josh 18:3)
  • You may not like to dance. Your denomination might forbid dancing. Regardless, God loves it when we dance for Him. (Psa 149:3)
  • How do you know God wants you to praise Him? You're still breathing. (Psa 150:6)
  • Foolish people already know everything & are unteachable (Pro 1:7)