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I didn't have the chance to read today until sitting in the parking lot at my son's first baseball practice of the season. It was b-e-a-utiful weather. Before I read, I prayed for the 10 prayer requests on my 40-day prayer list.

  • Think about this…God already knows what He wants you to do in life. "Success" in life is doing that. (Num 34:2)
  • Being "just" means hearing all sides of a story instead of believing the first person who gets to you (Num 35:12)
  • God's comfort becomes most real to you when your life is filled with stressful situations (Psa 94:19)
  • The more you realize who God really is, the louder you'll shout for joy (Psa 95:2-3)
  • Tell the nations. Initiate contact with other cultures. Love people enough to let them know that Jesus is Lord. (Psa 96:2-3)
  • What if people sprinkled praise throughout their day by giving a quick thanks whenever they thought of God? (Psa 97:12)