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A few things to  update people on:

  • Cathy Returns — Cathy returns home today. "Mr. Mom" ends again. The kids will rejoice because dad is helping them to learn to make their lunches on their own. The cat will rejoice because she get outrageously riduculously ludicrously pampered by her. 🙂
  • Brian Heals — If you get the chance, lift up Brian Gann who had major shoulder surgery yesterday. He's going to be out & hurting for a while. Pray for Michelle & the kids too!
  • Easter Comes — Be praying for 5 people to invite to one of our 5 Easter services in two weeks. Invite them with you. It'll be a life-changing service!!!
  • Sat Stays — Remember, our Sat 5pm service is starting in 4 weekends (Sat May 7)!

Here is my take on today's chapters…

  • "What's the big deal? It only affects me!" Not necessarily. One person's actions can affect the entire group. (Josh 7:1)
  • Our God is a God of 2nd chances…& 3rd chances…& 4th…(Josh 8:1)
  • Rushing into a decision without (a) taking time, (b) consulting God, & (c) checking things out? You'll regret it. (Josh 9:14-16)
  • God knows you better than you know yourself…& loves you desperately. (Psa 139:2)
  • When people are working against you, remember (a) God knows, (b) God's got it covered, & (c) you're in good company (Psa 140:5)