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Object - Pen 2Here's a set of quick-hits for this Thursday night…

  • Never-Ending Uno — Last night before bed, Karina was begging us to play a "quick" game.  We settled on Uno.  We ended up with the game that would never end.  1.5 times through a monstrous deck of cards.  In the end, mom won.  Everyone was shocked rejoicing.  🙂
  • Kids at Work — Today was "Bring Your Kids to Work" day in our school.  Jacob (my 5th grader) and Karina (my 3rd grader) came & sat in on meetings with me (updating our Personal Gifting Class starting this Sunday morning) and my wife (brainstorming on the Grace Church Elementary Camp this summer).  I took the kids to Jalapeno's for lunch after a good days work!
  • Run around the Building — A couple times, the kids were getting antsy in my meeting.  So I sent them out to run around the building as hard as they could go.  Did it twice in fact.  Wore them out.  I'm seriously thinking about standardizing it for the staff.  🙂
  • Rich Stuff — I am loving digging out what God is saying in these final chapters of Numbers on Wednesday nights, and "Relationship-Communication" for this Sunday.  I'd do whatever it takes to be there over the next week.  It'll be worth the time!
  • I Caused the Rain — I cannot remember the last time I washed my car.  But I decided to do it yesterday.  Guess what?  It rained cats & dogs today.
  • NFL Draft Tonight — Can't wait to see who the Chiefs pick up tonight.  Kudos to the NFL on shortening each round from 15 to 10 minutes.
  • Biggest "Ugh" re:Knee Surgery — I can't decide what's worse.  Being off 3 months from running, or being 99.9% sure I'm hanging up basketball for good (this will be my 3rd surgery ever…all basketball related).
  • Small Group Tonight — I'm headed out to my small group tonight.  Our topic will be "The Five Love Languages."  We're getting back in the groove again, and we've got some new people.  It's pretty fun to get to know them better and see what God will do in their lives.