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Series_the_tableLast weekend, I had the chance to re-study and share the biblical metaphor of "The Table" with our church.  In the Bible, God compares His Kingdom to a table.  We are all invited to God’s table, not based on our own worth or works, but based upon His unmerited love and favor.

If you want to know what Grace is all about, click here and listen to it.  The message was a great "vision-cast."

I just received an email from one of our members who saw this in a Ravi Zacharias newsletter:

"The table is a place, like the foot of the cross, where we are welcome –rather, summoned– to come forward as we are: the poor to a benevolent giver, the sick to a physician, the sinful to the author of righteousness, and children to the Father of life. He has given us this sign and seal specifically with us in mind…Christ has called us to the table to commune with a great cloud of witnesses. He calls us to locate our salvation in the presence of a great community and in the midst of a remarkable story…We are invited to a great and intimate table…"

For the full article from Ravi Zacharias Ministries, click here and read.