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Art_raphaels_transfiguration OK, in my daily reading, I just read through Matthew’s account of Jesus’ transfiguration again.  (The artwork to the left is from Raphael’s Transfiguration in 1520).

The transfiguration is the story where Jesus takes 3 of his 12 apostles aside (25% of them; the disciples that were in the 75th percentile) to reveal Himself in all His glory and let them listen in on a private meeting with Moses and Elijah.  Jesus was explaining His crucifixion and resurrection to those great Old Testament heroes of the faith.

This wasn’t the only time Jesus would take the "inner quarter" of Peter, James, and John aside for some special training…some experiences that the other 75% would never, ever see or experience.

I would like to be a part of Jesus’ "inner quarter" (to be closer to Him, see more,
hear more, experience more, etc.).  In fact, I’d like everyone
to be there.

What does it mean to be part of Jesus’ "inner 25%"?  Here are few thoughts that occur to me from this story:

So, a couple questions come to mind:

  • Are you (am I) part of Jesus’ "inner 25%?"?  (Closer to Jesus, see more, hear more, experience more…)
  • Have you ever asked Jesus to let you be?  (If not, go ahead and ask him right now in prayer!)
  • Doesn’t Jesus wish everyone was this close to Him?  (Yup.)