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My schedule this week has felt like it’s been coming at me 100 MPH.  And it’s been REALLY GOOD stuff too!  Haven’t had tons of time to blog, though.

So this morning, I’m reading the brainstorming notes from a ministry in it’s formative stages at Grace and they asked for more ideas, so I shoot the following email to the team.

Then I think, "I wish someone would have told ME these things years ago as a new leader in the volunteer sector."  Anyway, here it is.  Enjoy!

My Email:
I see you mentioned "How to get people involved" as a challenge.  Good
observation.  This is true for every ministry.  I want to encourage you with a few lessons I’ve learned over the years that are vital to
casting the vision of what God is doing in any ministry.

  1. The #1 way to promote a ministry is through prayer & personal
    . There is nothing more powerful than a person who
    is already involved in the ministry,
    praying for people to ask, telling their story, sharing what God is
    doing, being excited about the opportunity, & personally inviting someone to
    check out what God is doing alongside them.
  2. The #2 way to promote a ministry is through sharing "God
      When God does something good, it’s not only a privilege to
    share that "God moment," it is powerful.  A story is 100 times more powerful
    than an announcement.  We even have a place for stories that our pastoral
    team receives to try to share those stories with a wider
  3. It is far more powerful to promote the "opportunity" than the
      It is far more powerful to cast the vision of "the
    opportunity to change a child’s life, transform an adult’s life, to mend hearts
    & heal marriages,"
    than it is to say, "What’s wrong with you
    people!  We need 3 more workers!" 
  4. The best way to retain a volunteer is to…  Let
    them "try it out" (no strings attached).  Let them try it out "with someone else
    who is doing it" (never, ever by themselves).  Let them know that their role is
    very important & they are valued by you (because it is & they are).  And
    ask them for feedback on their first-time experience after the ministry event
    (& look for practical ways to improve the ministry based on their
    feedback…we are a team!).

Got any other ideas to add to the "how-to-lead-volunteers-idea-bin?"