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Food_granola_bar_3 Do you know, "The Lure of the Snack?"  My wife and I do.

When our children return from school… a day for educating the mind… being challenged to grow… and we ask how their day went… What, you ask, was the best part of their day?  "I loved the snack!!!"

When our children have a soccer game, or football, baseball… there’s "The Lure of the Snack."  It doesn’t matter who wins or loses.  It doesn’t matter what you played… or where you played… or how much time you played… or how well you played…  It’s, "What about the snack???"

When our children come back from church (and I’m the pastor of the church), and we ask how it was worshiping God that day…  What, you wonder, did they learn that helped them step forward in their knowledge of God and relationship to Him?  It’s, "Dad, I loved the snack!!!"

When we have a late dinner, and our kids cannot possibly eat one more bite… it’s not humanly possible!  But when we announce, with food sitting in front of them, that it’s now time for bed… we hear the call… a call that wells up from a place deep inside their souls… a yearning… "What about the snack???"