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Book - Jesus I Never Knew
Over vacation, I had the chance to finish my first Philip Yancey book, The Jesus I Never Knew.  I'd heard a lot of good things about his books for a while, but didn't read his work until recently.

Here are a few thoughts I had on it:

   1.  He walks with Jesus.  That's the type of guy I want to learn from, even if from a distance.

   2.  He seems real.  I don't know about you, but "posers" turn me off!  Game-players.  Fakes.  When you hang around them, you KNOW you aren't getting the real deal…their real heart (even if they think they have you fooled!).  This book isn't like that.  Philip says the things that are bouncing around his true heart.

   3.  He really thinks though what the Bible says.  This is a quality in all my favorite Bible teachers — the ability to read a passage of Scripture & REALLY think through what was actually happening, what it means, & what it implies.

   4.  His books aren't fast food.  He makes you think (a GREAT thing).  You'll pause and think, "Is that true?"  And, "Why haven't I seen that before?"  Consequently, I couldn't motor through his book like I do many others.

Here's one representative quote:

  • "As my class in Chicago read the Gospels and watched movies about Jesus' life, we noticed a striking pattern: the more unsavory the characters, the more at ease they seemed to feel around Jesus…In contrast, Jesus got a chilly response from more respectable types…What has happened to reverse the pattern of Jesus' day?  Why don't sinners like being around us?"