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Bible - Old I had a BLAST preparing for & teaching last night's session on "Understanding the Age of Accountability."  (If you didn't have the chance to hear it yet, you ought to.  We talked about some things that every parent MUST know about their child.)

But I wanted to tell you a story from tonight.  When I got home from work tonight, I was w-i-p-e-d out…wrung out…nothing left in the tank.  Cathy & Karina were away, at soccer then book club.  (P.S. Every time I ask Cathy about book club, she always tells me book club only has one rule:  "Don't talk about book club.")

Anyway, I call Jacob home for dinner.  And I have a statement I made on Sunday ringing through my mind ("As a parent, when you get home from work, you aren't at the finish line.  Game time is just starting!")  So we have chicken & fresh pea pods & yogurt & cookies.

Then at bed time (the time for our family devotional time), the girls still weren't home.  I didn't want to keep going in the Gospel of John & leave Karina behind.

  • So I decided we'd read Psalm 1 & talk about what makes a person a "success" in God's mind
  • First I read it three times aloud to Jacob
  • Then I read it verse-by-verse & asked him what it meant
  • Then he asked what "chaff" meant, so I defined that
  • Then we talked about the two major future judgments
  • Then we talked about what the judgment seat of Christ would be like for Christians (1Cor 3:9-15)
    • We talked about how things we do for Christ will survive the judgment
    • We talked about how things we do for self/sin will be burned up
  • Then we prayed that we would both be MEN that would ALWAYS look to the word of God, both day and night, in order to have the success God promises us in Psalm 1

It was a sweet time.  Time I'll never regret spending.  Time that can never be taken away.