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Food - Egg
Every Tuesday, I meet with a group of guys at this place at this location for breakfast & Bible Study.  We've been taking turns leading a discussion through this book over the year.  Today, Eric led us through a discussion of this chapter (& I LOVE how that chapter foreshadows Christ in SO many ways!).

Anyway, we're men.  We each have our own culinary habits…what we typically order.  When pressed for time, Dave always orders "The Bacado" omelette.  Mmmm…the perfect blend of "BACon + AvoCADO + Eggs + Cheese."

But we brainstormed today on a way to IMPROVE "The Bacado" (if it's possible).  We call it "The Balardo."  Mmmm…the perfect blend of "BACon + LARD + Eggs + Cheese."

So, if you are a man (& daring), join us on a Tuesday morning & order "The Bacardo" or "The Balardo."  🙂