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Book - 5 Love LanguagesOne of the books I encourage EVERYONE to read is "The Five Love Languages" by Gary's Chapman.  It'll help you at home, at church, and in the workplace.

  • I've read it with my wife
  • I've studied it with small groups
  • I've used it to counsel couples

It's good stuff.  I think they have an online test & small group discussion guide at their website.  For a quick, "30-Second Assessment," click here.

I couldn't find the Bible references for each love language in their materials.  No problem.  I found each love language in Scripture:  both (a) where each of US are to love people in that language, and (b) where JESUS loved people in that language.  If you ever teach it, or study it in a group, you'll want to jot down these references:

  1. Words of Affirmation — Us (Pro 18:21, 16:24).  Jesus (John 8:1-11).
  2. Quality Time — Us (Rom 12:15-16).  Jesus (Matt 11:19).
  3. Receiving Gifts — Us (Pro 19:6).  Jesus (Eph 4:7-16, Jas 1:17).
  4. Acts of Service — Us (Gal 5:13-14).  Jesus (John 13:1-17).
  5. Physical Touch — Us (Rom 16:16).  Jesus (Mark 10:13-16).

P.S. My wife claims that there is a 6th love language which I have: the love language of Bug.  I was leading a marriage small group one time and several of the guys said they had it too.