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Bible - Open with coffee
Yup.  You read it right.

After our Wednesday Q&A study went its normal hour & 15 minutes, and we prayed & released people, the Bible Study went all "Eveready Bunny" on us.  It kept going and going and going…8 people hung around for 4 SOLID HOURS…from 6:45p to 10:45p.

Haven't even gone to bed yet.  Too juiced up!

What was the question?

  • "Was it right or wrong to have our band play part of the Beatles' Song 'Revolution' in church on Sunday?"

As you can imagine, through 4 hours of discussion, we touched on a BUNCH of related questions (i.e. the role/purpose of the church, & music, & alcohol, & TV, & what risks are appropriate, & can you glorify God with something that was not originally intended for that purpose, & can God tell you to stop doing something that's OK for others to do, etc.).  WAY too much stuff to completely cover here.

Anyway, why did we play the song 'Revolution' in church Sunday?  Because quoting songwriters/poets (even ones who are TOTALLY against God) is not wrong!!!  It was a sermon illustration set to music!  In the Bible, the Apostle Paul quoted lost songwriters/poets multiple times (Acts 17:28, Titus 1:12).  It didn't mean that he agreed with everything they believed.  It didn't mean that he was endorsing everything about their lifestyle.  Paul was simply USING what they said to teach the TRUTH of God's word and to spread the GOSPEL to those in a different culture (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

Check out the example in Acts 17:22-24, too.  Instead of going all "Old Testament Prophet" on the lost philosophers in Athens about their widespread idolatry, Paul simply USED the altar he found to tell people about Christ!

Anyway…let the discussion FLY!!!