Select Page - Logo I received a question this morning from Stephanie:

  • "Hi, Keith and I want to make sure we're ready for 1.1.11. We signed up at church and got our bracelets. Downloaded YouVersion. Is there anything else we need to do? Do we just open up YouVersion each day? Or does it email us?"

I answered her with the 12 Days of Christma…errr…the 12 Actions of

Hi Stephanie,

That's awesome! Here are 12 quick things you can do:

1. Register for a free YouVersion account and sign up for the "OWNit365" reading program that just appeared this morning, 12/22/11.

2. Wear your wrist band with your family to provide a personal reminder and conversation-starter with people around you.

3. Get any type of journal/notebook to take notes during your reading.

4. Go to and customize the type of daily reminder you want to receive, like signing up for a daily email or daily text message, whatever you prefer.

5. "Like" the page on Facebook (if you have a Facebook account)

6. "Follow" the @OWNit365 account on Twitter (if you have a Twitter account)

7. Save or print the checklist or reading checklist from the Resources page of

8. Find an accountability partner among your friends, family, small group, ministry, etc. (Details on the Resources page of

9. Watch the training videos which are currently on the Videos page of, but are being moved to the Resources page.

10. Watch for the Sneak Peek Videos, read the Weekly Tip Sheets, and listen to the Weekly Audio Podcasts that are coming to "The Plan" page of

11. Invite your friends and family across the country to join us by registering at

12. Keep it simple. Remember our only goal is to read the Bible so we encounter God.

Does that help?