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One of our interns, Danny Freyre, shared a powerful video for reaching the lost and unreached people groups.  Some of the quotes are provided below.

  • There are 100,000 missionaries in the world today.
    • Approximately 3% work among the unreached.
  • “You are the light of the world” Jesus, Speaking to His
  • ‘The harvest field is white, and many souls are sinking into
    eternal night. The harvest bells are ringing’
  • Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those
    staggering toward slaughter – Proverbs 24:11
  • There are 16,000 people groups in the world
    • Over 6,000 are considered unreached
    • That’s one third of the world’s population – 2 Billion
  • Two out of every three people in the world live in Asia
    • 70% of Asians have never heard of Jesus Christ
    • Persecution and martyrdom is on the increase
  • In N. Korea, Laos and Iraq, believers face prison, torture
    and death for their faith
  • Half the world’s population live on less than $2 a day
  • 30,000 people starve to death every day
  • There are around 13 million orphans worldwide
  • In the past hour…
    • 1,625 children were forced to live on the streets
    • 1,667 children died from malnutrition or diseases
    • 115 children became prostitutes
    • 257 children were orphaned because of HIV/AIDS
  •  Work is being done all across the world to reach the unreached
    • But the workers are few. You can do something. You can change the world.
  • ‘The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time’ Carl
    F.H. Henry
  • ‘Go, send or disobey’ John Piper
  • Pray, Give, Send, Go!
  • ‘Having seen all this you can choose to look the other way,
    but you can never say again ‘I did not know” William Wilberforce