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Here are a handful of updates this Saturday night, by the numbers.Object - Laptop

  • 1 — The number of fillings I had replaced last week. My 2nd visit to the dentist in 2 weeks left my upper left tooth sensitive to even lukewarm water. I'm glad I'm past that now.
  • 2 — The number of chess games I played with Jacob on Tuesday night. He had me on the run our entire first game. He was kicking my rear end. In the end, I was able to eek out a tie (i.e. I got a huge victory by tying after being so far down). In the second game, I changed my tactics and won. But I realized something…if Jacob keeps playing in chess club, my time of victories is coming to an end. 🙂
  • 3 — The chapter we kicked off today in James. It was all about the tongue. And it was good, good stuff that EVERYONE needs!
  • 4 — The number of children in one of our classes who recently made decision for Christ. This message came from one of our Children's Directors:
    • "Hello all, I just wanted to send out a quick e-mail after checking my Facebook tonight after a long day (actually week) of painting.  A. accepted Jesus into her heart!  He gave a shout out to all the teachers who have been there to talk with her and teach her Jesus and His gift to the world.  C. and J. were baptized a week and half ago.  C. accepted Jesus a few days ago too… It moves me to tears to know that these children are being touched and drawn to God.  It amazes me how wonderful and loving God is that He has let me and all of us minister to the children at Grace. I wanted to let you all know of the great things that are happening and to encourage you all to keep praying for these kids.  I also want to Thank you all for your support, volunteering, and love you show to these kids every week!"
  • 5 — The number of speakers I heard yesterday during an all-day conference on developing a better understanding of and relationships with Muslims. Powerful stuff. I'll provide more later. But I heard a great quote: "ISLAM" stands for "I Shall Love All Muslims".
  • 6 — The number of ministry leadership teams I met with this week to hear their ministry reviews of 2010, their ministry dreams for 2011, and budget proposals. What a fun time! Each meeting runs around an hour. After 2 weeks, I'm around 2/3 through all the meetings.
  • 12 — The number of miles I ran on Friday. This is the first time that I ran that far since just a couple months after the Wichita marathon back on 10/18/09. I don't know how well my right knee will hold up under this kind of pounding, but there's only one way to find out.
  • 313 — The number of daily readings we are planning for 2011. We are planning to read through the Bible 6 days/week. That's 313 days/year. is coming!