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Bible - JournalHere are a handful of numbers I'm thinking about this Sunday night.

  • 2/3 = The percentage of our church that raised their hands saying they had taken up our "40-Day Prayer Challenge."
  • 2 = The number of Grace Vodcasts (i.e. super-short videos) we've shot at Vimeo. Someone wrote me an email and called them "Office-Side Chats."
  • 3 = The number of games the KC Chiefs have won this year, which is already one more than what we won last year.
  • 17 = The number of PCs that were streaming our 10:00a services live over the internet this morning.
  • 343 = The number of boxes our church brought to the lobby for Operation Christmas Child.  Over double from last year I think.  Way to go, guys!