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Sbo_07_amazing_race_2 Tomorrow’s the big day.  Somewhere between 200 and 300 will be participating in our Summer Breakout 2007, Grace’s version of Vacation Bible School.  Between 100 and 150 volunteers are working together to teach our kids the biblical story of Joseph in a way that creative, compelling, fun, & relevant…all written "in house."

The students and volunteers need your prayers this week.

  • Be praying for the kids – For fun, safety, learning, and for God to work in their hearts.  Like Timothy as a child, kids are so open to God at this age (2 Timothy 3:14-15).
  • Be praying for the families – To attend the kids’ production on Sunday & for Grace to be a support to them.  Families are one of our main focuses here at Grace.
  • Be praying for the volunteers – For endurance, camaraderie, creativity, and for sensitivity to the Spirit.  It’s a great, but grueling week.

This week is a highlight in our church each year.

P.S. To illustrate how much we need your prayer, a child of one of our SBO leaders just received 2nd degree burns and is attempting to recover at an area hospital.  (Be praying for her healing too!)