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Wife - Sprint Thanksgiving 5k a
Just got back from running the Sprint Thanksgiving 5k race with Cathy.  Some friends of ours had registered for the race but had to head out of town at the last minute and couldn't use their registration.  (Thanks guys!)

Click here to see the details of our run.  (I got a GREAT gift recently…a Garmin Forerunner 405!  I now think Garmin Connect is WAY cool!)

  • It was right above freezing at the start but not windy (that's the key to making a cold day feel comfortable).  It turned out to be a beautiful day to run.  Sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Maybe 45 or so by the end of the run.  Awesome.
  • There were about 5000 runners there.  But we only saw two people we knew (& both were relatives of ours).  Dave of DLT Fitness, & Jeff who was running for his friend Thor who recently passed away.
  • With that many people it's constant weaving in-&-out of people for the first half of the race.
  • At least half of the runners appearedWife - Sprint Thanksgiving 5k b
    to care less about where to line up.  ("Am I a 72-year-old walker with hip problems?  I think I'll line up in the 6 min/mile area & make everyone go around me.  No problem!")  🙂
  • The path took me around my old company, Black & Veatch.  I worked there 6 years in IT.  I shed a tear when I saw my old cubicle village.  🙂
  • Cathy was shooting for an 11:00/mile pace.  We ended up running 32:14…averaging 10:24/mile.  She did GREAT!
  • Sprint had an excellent food spread after the race: water, juice, special sports drinks, apples, oranges, bananas, bagels, yogurt, Krispy Kreme donuts, & Roasterie Coffee.  Mmmmm….
  • Cathy & I talked about running with Jacob & Karina next year.  (They'd be really cute running the race.)

Have a great thanksgiving.  We have SO MUCH to be thankful for…and we'll be talking with the kids later about thanking God specifically for what God has done for us.

Now it's off into our yard to rake leaves as a family…L8R!