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One of the COOLEST things about being a Dad is being able to teach, watch, cheer, & celebrate your kids as they grow up.  That’s no less true on the athletic field.

In the pictures, you can see my daughter playing soccer (who is too cute!) & my son playing baseball (yup, the pitch is in the upper left hand corner).

Here are a few things I think I think about our youth sports so far:

  • There are so many chances to teach LIFE skills (& heart skills) in youth sports.
  • I’ve always heard about the proverbial "parents-from-hell," but we haven’t encountered any yet.  We are VERY thankful for that.
  • I’ve REALLY enjoyed getting to know the other parents during practices & games.
  • I’ve gotten better at NOT coaching during games (i.e. swallowing my words).  Now I save coaching comments for "Daddy-Practice-Time" at home, like I should.
  • We DID encounter one coach who yelled at his 1st grade kids like he was Woody Hayes.  "Somehow," our kids didn’t end up on his team again.  Who is Woody Hayes you ask?  Check out the video.