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Feelings are funky things.  Recently, I feel like I’ve been ASSAULTED by the temptation to be down, depressed, etc.

What’s happened?  Normally, I’m feeling great.  Then all of a sudden (out of nowhere) the thoughts start pouring over me like a dark waterfall of negativity.  And I’m thinking "Where is THIS coming from???"

I told my wife about it when it happened for a few days and said: "It’s weird.  It’s like I’m being tempted to be depressed.  I’m not giving into the temptation, but it’s still sitting there in the pit of my stomach like a big, hollow ache."  She replied, "Are you sure it’s depression?  Are you sure it’s not oppression?"

The Bible talks a lot about depression ("being brought low"):

This means:

  • It’s NORMAL to be tempted with depression
  • Some GREAT Christ-followers were (see David Brainerd’s diary)
  • Feelings are finicky…we CANNOT trust or be guided by our feelings
  • God gives us the supernatural ability to REJOICE in Him, even when we don’t "feel" it (1Th 5:16-18)
  • And sometimes, our Heavenly Dad just wants us to find comfort in Him (1Sam 30:6)