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I got this email from a friend of mine about their family singing the song "Friend of God" together.

I had to share it.

The chorus goes, "I am a friend of God.  I am a friend of God.  He calls me friend."

Here’s their story:

"It’s Sunday after lunch, and the whole…family jumps in the
mini-van to head to…Wal-Mart.  I…decide to pop in my new WOW CD.  After a
couple of notes from "Friend of God", [our son] stops playing GameBoy and
says,"You guys sing that song in your class, too?"  I told him we did, and he
said they sing this one too.  [My husband] and I are just singing along…..then, it
gets to the chorus……and from the back of the car, singing with all his
might, we hear….."I am afraid of God!  I am afraid of God!  He calls me
friend."  I am SOOOO laughing on the inside, I stop the CD and tell him that it
is FRIEND of God.  Just had to share a funny, yet special child moment."