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What are we up to in our evening small group these days?

Well, our small group recently finished Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together.  It was an awesome time that, we hope, is going to change all of our futures together and free us up be accomplish all God has for us.  (Another 40+ people are studying it together with Pastors Tom & Ben right now at Grace.)

Last night, our small group met together to talk about what we should study next.  Great ideas from everyone (even from our temporarily-relocated-members all the way from Belgium).  Here’s what we’re thinking about for our upcoming schedule:

  • JULY-AUG (biweekly) — Alternating Q&A Bible Studies (like I teach during the school year on Wednesday nights) & Rob Bell videos as Biblical conversation-starters.
  • SEPT 5-OCT 3 (a 5-Wednesday Study at Grace) — The "Perspectives Exposure" course.  (I’m am PUMPED about this & what it means for our church and kingdom-work!)  This is a 5-week "Big Picture" Bible Study hosted at Grace Church on God’s work throughout history & the world.  We will be asking every person & small group at Grace to take a break from their normal study plan & study this together.
  • MID-OCTOBER & ON (biweekly) — Possibly the 8-week study called "Death by Suburb."  One of our group members heard the author speak, and highly recommended what he said.  The topics and key points look great.  I’m excited to take a closer look at this study and bounce it off my small group coach at Grace.

P.S. If you want to hook up with a small group at Grace, check out our small group finder!