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Bible - Old We've come to another end of a family reading plan tonight. We've been reading through the lives of Elijah-Elisha-Elijah, two of the greatest prophets in Scripture.

My family reads 1 chapter aloud every night together. If we miss a night, we catch up by reading 2 chapters the next night. We've been rotating who reads aloud. Jacob closed out Revelation 11 tonight.

A lot of times, I'll pause the reader and ask, "What does that word mean?" or "What's going on here?" Then we talk about it. I might explain the passage and/or act it out. The more animated the better. The key is making it FUN!

But we need a new plan now. So tomorrow, we're going to start reading a Proverb a day through September. It's easy to remember the plan. Day 1 = Proverbs 1. Day 2 = Proverbs 2. And so on…

  • 9/1 = Proverbs 1
  • 9/2 = Proverbs 2
  • 9/3 = Proverbs 3
  • 9/30 = Proverbs 30
  • 10/1 = Proverbs 31

Again…if you don't have a Bible reading plan, join my family & I through Proverbs in September.