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I’m still waiting for my appointment with an MRI.  No word on when it will be yet.  Until then, I’m waiting with my right leg propped up 23 hours a day.

Yesterday, my mind was spinning on something from my daily devotional reading: the image of the Almighty God "delighting" in His servant…"delighting" in someone He created.

My family has been an unbelievable support.  In fact, my wife is starting to think I’m enjoying the service I’m receiving a little too much.  I don’t know why.

I’ve started calling everyone in my house, "Jeeves."

In the interim, I finished a short book I received for Christmas: SeinLanguage.  It’s a compilation of Jerry Seinfeld‘s act before 1993.

My favorite joke in the book?  When he talks about the days before the remote control.  (I’m actually old enough to remember those days of suffering and hardship, when you had to get out of your chair to change the channel by turning one of those primitive knobs.)

Jerry writes:

"Before there was flipping around, before there was television, kings and emperors and pharaohs had storytellers.  That was their entertainment.  I wonder if they would get like thirty story-tellers together so they could flip around. Just go, ‘Alright start telling me a story, what’s happening? . . . I don’t want to hear anymore. Shut up. Go to the next guy. What are you talking about? . . . Is there a girl in that story . . .no?  Shut up.  Go to the next guy.  What do you got? . . . I don’t want to hear that either. Shut up. . . No, go ahead, what are you talking about?  I don’t want to hear that. . . No, forget it all of you, get out of here.  I’m going to bed.’ "

Jwh_handing_remote_2Cultural anthropologists might note that the "passing-of-the-remote-control" has recently become a rite-of-passage between father and son.  Here, my son and I participate in this treasured ceremony.