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Last night, we asked people to bring questions about Grace to our Wednesday Night Q&A Bible Study.  (As I pointed out Sunday, people don’t have to wait for a meeting to ask ANY question they want!)  🙂

We had a great discussion about being "Seeker-Sensitive."  That’s been our goal since we started 11.5 years ago.  So, what does that mean?

To us, being "Seeker-Sensitive" means being both Biblical and culturally-relevant.  This means:

Though most churches want people to come to faith in Christ AND grow deeper, they prioritize these goals differently (intentionally or not).  This means that all churches exist somewhere along the spectrum from "Believer-Oriented to Seeker."

  • Believer — Evaluate DEPTH 1st ("Growing deeper?")
  • Seeker  — Evaluate BREADTH 1st ("Coming to faith?")
  • Seeker-Sensitive — Evaluate BOTH ("Doing both?")

Here’s what’s confusing about the topic today:

  • People think 1 type of church is "better."  (Actually, all types are needed to reach all peoples.)
  • People think "Seeker-Sensitive’ means NOT teaching the Bible.  (Actually, it’s the opposite!  1 Corinthians 14:22-25.)
  • People think "Seeker-Sensitive" = "Contemporary."  (Actually, it means adapting to whoever God called you to reach – 1 Corinthians 9:19-23.)
  • People think "Seeker-Sensitive" means adapting to sin.  (Actually, you only adapt to the positive or neutral elements of culture – Romans 12:1-2.)