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Bible - Journal
Here are a number of Saturday night thoughts.

  • The in-laws spent all week here.  It was a great time.  My kids even choked up tonight thinking about them leaving tomorrow.
  • Who are among the most unsung heroes in our church?  The prayer teams that meet Saturday morning at 7a (with me, too) and during both Sunday morning services.  I FULLY BELIEVE that God does so many things in our church because of their belief & prayers.
  • We really believe God will move tomorrow morning in an incredible way.  EVERYONE deals with bitterness…the struggle to forgive.
  • And after Bill Vail shares the shorter version of his story with everyone tomorrow, I think people will be burning up our website audio "Microcast" folder to hear the extended version of his story.
  • Ran 19 miles today in my continuing marathon prep.  Then I caught the end of the men's Olympic marathon…and felt so SLOOOOOOOOWWWWW.  :-)  Checked this website though & found I burned almost 2700 calories during the run.  Yowza!
  • The men's Olympic basketball team plays tonight at 1:30a.  Too early for me.  Too bad, too.  I love watching them.