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It's Saturday night and here's a laundry list of thots:

    – I'm READY for tomorrow (I hardly ever have 2 weeks off teaching!)

    – Spent 14 hours in our Grace building today (7a-9p).  A prayer meeting, study, another meeting, study, a wedding, & study.

    – The wedding I did today went really natural…sensed God using it.  Had tons of people who NEVER darken a church door hear about how marriage pictures our relationship with God

    – Feasted on some awesome lasagna tonight for dinner.  Thanks Honey!

    – We're having communion tomorrow.  Our prayer team LOVES the chance to pray with people so we now do prayer by having people go to the tables rather than sending a plate down the aisle.  I think if we changed it back, we'd have a prayer team RIOT on our hands.  🙂

    – Be ready to guess some lyrics tomorrow.  🙂