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Lots of things going on these days.  Great things, but it's been really hard to get time to blog…or do much of anything else!

  • "Friends to Love" Story — Jim Shrader sent me this note. "Bit of encouragement…I have to brag on my wife of loving others first.  She and the kids decided supporting a friend in need was more important than the looks they would get. I'm so proud of the example they're setting. Thought you would enjoy."
  • "A Place to Learn" Story — Laura Oliver sent me this note. "I was edified by your explanation
    of the 'joints' of the Body of Christ being our relational
    "connections with one another…Someone like
    Scott Nitzel might be…CARTILAGE…
    sermon also made me think of…when I broke my pinky toe…I was shocked at
    what not having my pinky toe in 'working order' meant…"
  • Supporting the K's — I just heard a great story from the K's.  I heard of a place that an indigenous religious leader is present during Bible Studies in the community!
  • Supporting the K's (Take 2) — I heard another story where people are using music to serve children without parents.  A way cool service opportunity.
  • The Ugly 2000's — Tom Herzog sent me this link to a Bill George story on the short-term gratification that infected leaders & our economy during the last decade.  One of the quotes: "Getting a significant proportion of those 25 million unemployed Americans back to work requires us to shift from a spending economy focused on 'instant gratification' to an investment economy willing to support long-term programs that restore America's economic dominance."
  • Out of the Tourney — My 5th grade boys went 1-and-done in their
    tournament (like half of all teams playing in all tournaments).  My 3rd
    grade girls are 1 year away from their tourney.  So, season over.  Coach Dad can
    hang up the whistle till Thanksgiving.
  • Knee - Pain Lightning Another Knee Problem??? — A week ago Tuesday, I was playing pickup basketball.  After I went for a reverse layup, I came up hobbling on my right knee (same knee as my ACL repair back in 2007).  It was swollen like a melon for about a week.  Now it's got a funny kneecap "click."  Doesn't feel right.  Headed to the Doc this week.