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Here's a quick Bible - Journal Saturday night update:

  • Stanford Low — With the Stanford's men's basketball team getting off to a nightmare 10-11 record, I'm having to live vicariously through KU, MU, & K-State.
  • Stanford High — At least our ladies are #2 in the country, despite having #1 UConn laying the wood to them a few weeks ago.
  • 3 Cups of Tea — I'm halfway through the book Three Cups of Tea.  Wow.  An incredible story of 1 American's (accidental) journey to serve the people of Pakistan by building schools for remote, under-resourced villages.
  • Under the Weather — The kids stayed home yesterday from school.  Then today I was feeling run down.  Even the cat looked tired.  (Maybe it's because she sleeps 20 hours a day???)
  • Just in Time — Whew!  The family trampoline just arrived for the weather that blew in this week.  🙂
  • A Treat Tomorrow — Hey guys, tomorrow, we're supposed to hear an amazing personal update from one of our own.  Don't miss it.

CU in a few…