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Map - HaitiIf you've been following recent news, you've heard about the terrible tragedy that's unfolded in Haiti.  Our missions team has received a huge number of ideas & inquiries about how we could help the people. Here is an email our missions pastor just sent:


Dear Grace Family,

As we have heard over the last couple of days, the country of Haiti is in
crisis after experiencing a massive earthquake in the capital city of
Port-Au-Prince.  From the news reports, hundreds of thousands have died and
many are still trapped in the rubble.  Water, food and medical supplies
are in dangerously short supply, or non-existent.

Right now, the best thing we can do as a church is to pray and donate cash to
organizations on the ground to provide immediate needs.  Our desire as a
church is to partner with those operating in Haiti prior to the disaster, who
know the landscape and will continue operating with a church planting focus in
Haiti after this crisis is addressed.  Therefore, our missions team has
decided to partner with CrossWorld.

If you desire to donate to the Haiti relief through
, we will forward all donations marked "Haiti" to CrossWorld
as they are received.  If you desire to explore other organizations
through which to donate, we recommend utilizing ECFA (Evangelical Council for
Financial Accountability), of which Grace is a member.

Would you please pray for the people of Haiti, consider donating to the relief
effort, and join with us as we Go Beyond
together in communicating the
love of Christ during this catastrophic time.


Brian Gann, Missions Pastor