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Airplane - Wing Funny story.

My family was flying back from Naples, Florida last week after spending time on the beach with my dad & step-mom.  (That was awesome!)

We get to Atlanta, but they don't have enough coach seats for all of us.  So we see the ticket agent who "unfortunately" bumps us up to business class.  (Hey, when did they stop calling it "first class" anyway?)

(I "break" it to the kids.)

My 8-yr-old daughter immediately does a Tiger-Woods-like fist pump and cries out, "YES!!!  Now we'll get the COMFY seats and the RESPECT!!!"

(I think to myself, "WHERE did she come up with THAT???" as I crack up.)

On the plane, Karina's sitting by her cousin Claira across the aisle and in front of me.  When I notice ANOTHER refill, I ask her how much she's eaten.  This is her 3rd drink and 4th snack during the 2-hour ride.

(I cut her off & crack up again…)