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Series_reel_faith_directors_chairTomorrow, we continue our new series called "Reel Faith."  There is a reason that great epics (written or filmed) strike a chord in our souls…in my soul.  God designed us to play a significant role in His epic, in His-story (history), in His kingdom (the kingdom of God).

Tomorrow’s topic is "Meet the Director."  Every great film is connected with great direction.  It’s no different with God.  But how do we know what God is directing?  God wants us to know.  So how do we discern God’s will?

That’s something I continually ask myself.  I desperately want to know God and follow Him.  So am I following God’s direction?  Sometimes people follow their own direction and simply slap the "God-label" on it.

The great news is that God really wants us to know His direction!

Check out this list sometime for some things God says are His will.

P.S. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour tonight as Daylight Saving kicks back in.  It sounds like there are some concerns out there regarding computer time stamps and confusion in border towns.