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I’m really looking forward to Sunday.  I love my church family.

I love catching up with people.  I am continually amazed by our volunteers
who serve God so generously and cheerfully every weekend.  I am humbled by how our church family shows the genuine love and acceptance of
Christ to others.  I love worshipping God with you.

We are kicking off a new series this weekend called "Reel Faith."  And I need your prayers for 2 things.

  1. That we all reach out to those around us and invite them to the series kick-off this weekend…to show those around us (including the movie buffs) how their lives are part of a larger epic right now.
  2. That the services would communicate the heart and wisdom of Jesus Christ in a clear, creative, and compelling manner.

We all have our weekly journeys…the "rhythms" of our week.  Sometime, I’m going to blog on the journey my soul goes through on a weekly basis through the study, prayers, reflection, reviews, revision, etc. while preparing for the weekend.  Do you ever sense, as I do, that God is trying to mold you as much or more than He is trying to make something happen through you?