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Want to read the Bible with me today?

First, ask God to see something you can apply to your life.

Then, read Luke 14.

Then, write down something you can apply to your life.

Then, read what I wrote:

 - Historical — Jesus begins to make a series of tougher and tougher statements to the crowds listening to Him: about their hypocrisy regarding work on the Sabbath, about their selfishness by only helping those who might benefit them, and about the true cost of following Jesus.

 - Doctrinal — God rewards people for serving or giving to those who cannot repay you: like the poor, disabled, or those with special needs (see verses 13-14). When is the last time you did this?

 - Inspirational — Jesus said there’s no way I can call myself a disciple of Jesus without being willing give up (1) anything I have, (2) any relationship I have, (3) picking up the cross, and (4) being willing to give up my life. God, is this me? God, I affirm now that’s what I am willing to do. #allforyou