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Want to read the Bible with me today?

First, ask God to see something you can apply to your life.

Then, read Acts 2.

Then, write down something you can apply to your life.

Then, read what I wrote:

 - Historical — On the Jewish holiday of Pentecost (50 days after Passover when Jesus was crucified), the Holy Spirit came to the early church (in His New Testament ministry), the apostles spoke with other languages, Jerusalem and all the pilgrims from other places were amazed, Peter preached Jesus and repentance, 3000 people were baptized, and the early (mega-)church began meeting in small groups in homes around the city.

 - Doctrinal — Sometimes the prophecies of God have multiple fulfillments: for example, Peter’s quote from the prophet Joel was fulfilled partially at Pentecost and will be fulfilled fully in the end times.

 - Inspirational — Lord? Would you move in a way in our community that is unexplainable in people’s eyes and irresistible in bringing people to God?