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Want to read the Bible with me today?

First, ask God to see something you can apply to your life.

Then, read 2 Kings 19.

Then, write down something you can apply to your life.

Then, read what I wrote:

 - Historical — King Hezekiah is trapped in Jerusalem, besieged by the Assyrian army, when he brings the Assyrians’ threats to God, Who promises to defend the Jews by drawing the Assyrians out of Judah.

 - Doctrinal — When you compare the intel the Assyrians were receiving in verses 8 and 9 with God’s perspective in verse 28, it’s clear that God can force anyone in power to do His bidding (i.e. God said leave Judah alone) while preserving human free will (i.e. the Assyrians themselves felt it was smartest to leave for another battle).

 - Inspirational — Again, God may I bring my prayer requests to you and trust you lead me and protect the people like Hezekiah did: no one else has trusted You more, according to 2 Kings 18:5.