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Want to read the Bible with me today?

First, ask God to see something you can apply to your life.

Then, read 1 Chronicles 13.

Then, write down something you can apply to your life.

Then, read what I wrote:

 - Historical — King David attempts to bring the ark back to Jerusalem (gone since King Saul took it to battle and lost it), but Israel’s inattention to God’s word gets Uzza killed.

 - Doctrinal — It’s not enough to seek God’s direction together (see verse 2) with enthusiasm and praise (see verse 8); God wants us to be guided by methods outlined in His word too, whether or not we agree with Him (see verse 10).

 - Inspirational — Reading verses 10 and 12, I know that I am not valuing what Christ did as high as I should: fulfilling the detailed laws of the Old Testament for us, wiping all those laws out for us, and granting me a shocking level of access and safety to approach Almighty God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.