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Object_laptopHere are a set of random thoughts that I’m having this Saturday morning:

  • Just had a GREAT prayer time.  Every Saturday from 7-8a, our church holds an open house for anyone who wants to gather together & pray for the biggest issues facing Grace.
  • 10.5 months after ACL surgery, my right knee is still sore, especially when I get up after sitting/laying for a while.
  • Looks to be a warm day (yea!).  Maybe I’ll start my hour-long runs again.  The knee feels better when I do.
  • My favorite 2 days of sport are coming (Thu-Fri March 20-21).  The all-day opening rounds of March Madness.
  • My son is into Mad Libs right now.  His favorite noun for Mad Libs?  "Bottom."  His favorite adjective?  "Smelly."  He cracks himself (& all of us) up.
  • My daughter is on a "Webkinz-bender."  And all the relatives feed her habit.  🙂
  • John 13:21-14:31 has been tough to get my hands around all week.  My Western/Techie mind has wrestled with how to communicate what Jesus was teaching His disciples in an amazingly informal, relational, & effective manner.
  • Apparently, I’ve won the London Lottery, valued at 1.5 Million GBP.  (This was great news…especially since I didn’t even know I was entered.)  My email filter keeps intercepting this deception junk spam email.