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Bible - Open with coffee Last Sunday, I rattled off 8 real-life questions that people may not realize God addresses in the Bible (which can be heard here under "Don't Forget the Lyrics").  I wanted to pick out questions that touch ALL of our daily lives.

I didn't give the answers, though.  Pastor Ben & I talked about why we didn't during this week's 10-15 minute "microcast" (which can be heard here under "Microcasts").

Anyway, it's time for us to study this out together.  Here are the 8 questions.  When you find an answer, post it in the comments.  I'll let you know if that was the verse I was thinking of!

  1. What does God say a couple must do during pregnancy?
  2. How do protect a child from bad influences of one spouse?
  3. How do you deal with someone trying to backstab you?
  4. How can you help calm down a person who is very angry?
  5. What must we remember in financial difficulties?
  6. What did God design as the #1 benefit of stress?
  7. What’s the #1 thing 2 do when making a big decision?
  8. What’s the only thing Peter said never to lose sight of?

Happy hunting studying!  🙂